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Caffeine increases problem solving abilities, but not creativity

A new study confirms that caffeine can improve the level of concentration and therefore also the level of problem solving, but it cannot stimulate creativity, a stereotype that has always been widespread but that no study has ever really eradicated.
Darya Zabelina, professor of psychology at the University of Arkansas and author of a new study that appeared in Consciousness and Cognition, tried it.

In fact, the stimulating effect of caffeine on creativity is a much lesser known characteristic of the main benefits that this substance, usually taken through coffee, can provide, such as greater vigilance, more attention or even greater physical performance.
The researcher carried out a study on 80 volunteers divided into two groups: those in the first group took a 200 mg caffeine pill (equivalent to a cup of coffee), those in the second group a placebo pill.

The participants and then performed standard tests on convergent or divergent thinking, working memory and mood.
The researcher realized that those who received the caffeine saw a significant improvement in the possibility of solving problems, thanks to the higher level of concentration and attention, but had no effect on creative thinking.

This means not only no positive effect but also no negative effect: this means that all those who need creativity, such as artists or writers, can still continue to drink coffee as it will certainly not make things worse.

Scientific News

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