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An Energy Efficient Home

In today’s world, saving energy–while increasing comfort–is driving innovation in the home industry market. The weather around the globe shows winters reaching dramatic lows, and summers seeing record highs. This is leading consumers to search more and more for the best ways to create an energy efficient home.

Do You Have an Energy Efficient Home?

Chances are, if you have to wonder, the answer is probably, “No.” Real estate experts understand that investing in your home’s energy-efficient, you gain value over the long term. By paying attention to whether or not you have purchased Energy Star products, you can really affect the performance of appliances, windows, lighting & more–finally creating an energy-efficient home.

What Causes Energy Loss?

The type of products you have in your home make quite a difference, based on quality and age of those choices. Some statistics show energy loss at the window to be up to 50%, depending on where you live. By replacing older non-efficient products when they need to be replaced, you can save quite a lot, even within the first year or two. This is especially true if the products in your home are older than ten years old. This is when you have to start deciding if the cost savings outweighs the cost of replacement.

How to Determine Quality

When replacing the products in your home, we’ve mentioned looking to Energy Star rated products. Another great way to determine high-quality products for an energy efficient home is to visit for awards and accolades given to brands that are going above and beyond for energy savings. A good example is the Hunter Douglas brand of window coverings, which received the first ever energy performance rating for window attachments. Furthermore, when looking at small businesses to work with when improving your home, looking for them to have specific expertise in the area of home improvement you’d like to see, like Skyline Window Coverings, based in Chicago, IL.
We are living in a time when saving energy is extremely important for reducing the carbon footprint, saving money and increasing comfort. Creating an energy-efficient home is one of the ways to achieve all three!
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