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Vitamin D unrelated to low blood pressure according to a new study

According to a study conducted by researchers at Trinity College in Dublin, vitamin D would not be associated with low blood pressure when standing, a condition also known as orthostatic hypotension in the elderly.

Orthostatic hypotension affects approximately 30% of older people and sees a definable drop in blood pressure when standing. This low pressure is then connected to falls and to everything that follows, fractures or even death.

According to some research carried out in recent years, vitamin D could help with this pathology as it is essential for bone metabolism. It is also believed that it can be very positive also as regards muscle strength.

However, according to this new study, which appeared in Hypertension, a cohort study that examines the association between the prevalence of orthostatic hypotension and the intake of vitamin D supplements, this link would not exist.

Eamon Laird, the lead author of the study and researcher at the Irish Longitudinal Study on Aging (TILDA) of the aforementioned Dublin institute, clearly specifies this:

“This is the largest study ever conducted that explores vitamin D and orthostatic hypotension. We see no association in the elderly Irish population. This is important as it is essential to know what is and is not associated with vitamin D when trying to devise and recommend recruitment for the population based on health outcomes. Recently vitamin D has been seen as the healthy panacea for everything; however, it makes perfect sense on a biological level that it cannot be associated with everything.”